Warning Track

The Warning Track is a transitional area designed to alert the player that he is getting close to the wall or fence. The change in texture of the Warning Track surface alerts the fielder that he is approaching the wall. It should be wide enough to allow two or three steps to STOP, from 8 feet for Little League to 15 feet for College and High School.

S & S offers both a coarse and a fine aggregate with a bright red color. The larger particles of the coarse material provides a greater contrast to the outfield grass, while the fine material will pack tighter. Both are well suited for use around the dugout and backstop areas that are subject to excessive erosion. The bright red color enhances overall aesthetics of the field.


Remove all existing material to a depth of 3 to 6 inches. Compact the exposed surface. Do not add fabric or other shield between layers. Add Warning Track material and compact so that it is aligned with the dirt of the outfield grass.