Puddle Repair


The story is the same everywhere…

Coach “so and so” was down at the field again sweeping the puddle off at third base. He got the game in, but only after putting half a ton of infield mix into the grass. How many times will I have to tell him…

Everyone understands the need to get the game in – We need to provide a means for letting it happen, without making a bad situation worse – EDUCATE AND INFORM!

Remove the standing water: This is accomplished in many ways but use the method that leaves as much infield mix on the field.

  • Use a tennis court squeegie to roll the water off.
  • Fill a hose with water and with a person at each end, drag the hose through the puddle.
  • Dig a sump hole and pump the water out.
  • Use a sponge like tool and carry the water off.
  • Firm up the mud: Apply a Calcined Clay drying agent to the remaining mud by raking and mixing the product until the mud becomes firm.
  • Add as much drying agent as needed to establish a firm surface that is safe to play on.
  • Determine the source of the problem: The best method for puddle repair is to eliminate it by adding infield material, removing the lip causing it, or a combination of both.