• To loosen the top 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the infield surface
  • To smooth out the surface improving ball travel
  • To “stir” the sand, silt, and clay particles to re-establish “proper mix”
  • To assist water movement by filling in low spots and sustaining crown
  • To “soften” and improve the surface to optimize athletic performance
  • To incorporate moisture and field conditioners
  • To improve the look of the field
  • Do not drag from the pitcher’s mound out to the infield radius in a circular pattern. This enhances lip development and wears on the crown.


It is critical to alternate dragging patterns and not move material consistently in one direction. This will help slow lip development and crown degradation.

Your infield must have proper moisture content for effective dragging. Use a hand-rake where needed, especially along turf edges.

Use a small utility-type tractor or cart -slow speed. Do not use 4 X 4 pieces of wood. Use whatever type of drag that works for YOU, but use the tools to meet the objectives listed above!